Evexia Salt Cave opened in August of 2020, Kimberly Franklin had experienced the wellness benefits received from Halotherapy and wanted to bring this natural wonder to Chesterton, Indiana.

Franklin received a bachelor’s degree in human resources and a minor in business management. After working in stress-induced positions for thirty-plus years, she felt the need to bring a wellness facility to the Porter County community.

The first salt therapy session she received was in Naperville, Illinois. Upon entering with a horrific sinus infection, she left there with reduced inflammation, drainage, and relief from a headache. She continued to try local salt caves and experienced a variety of health benefits.

This really intrigued Franklin and for the next two years, she spent time researching the benefits of Halotherapy.

From here Evexia was born. Twenty thousand pounds of pink Himalayan salt was imported to have her authentic, 440 square-foot man-made cave built.

In addition to Halotherapy sessions, Evexia also offers an Ionic Foot Detox, sound classes, and yoga and will be adding additional services in the future to make Evexia your one-stop wellness shop in northwest Indiana. Evexia brings health and wellness to a place with a nurturing environment.


While there are many clinical and scientific studies conducted on dry salt therapy, or Halotherapy, throughout the world, the FDA has not evaluated the statements made on this website. Dry salt therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or intended to replace any medications or treatments. Any health conditions should be consulted and treated by a medical professional.